What Place Is This?


I, Sian Williams, writer and hopeless technophobe, venture cautiously into the blogosphere (erm…I think that’s what it’s called m’lud) I put my toe into the water. Ouch! It’s cold. Like Dr Who’s new girl assistant emerging from the Tardis for the first time on to some alien planet, I look around with exaggerated caution. Tabs to the left of me, icons to the right and the sky is full of odd looking people and soap stars trying to sell me products I’ve never heard of – oh no…That’s facebook, another alien world where I frequently trip over my own boot laces, twist my ankle and have to be rescued by the good Doctor (my friend Jckie actually). What place is this? Am I here at all? I’ll have to sign out and come back in again just to make sure.

There will be more bulletins to follow, plus stories, some of which I have made up. Meanwhile I am guest blogger on http://allwritethen.wordpress.com/   and will be posting there for the next four weeks or so.

Phew! Now to take some steps to find out if I’m actually here.